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Nigeria villagers killed in attacks by gangs

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Nigeria villagers killed in attacks by gangs

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The authorities in the north-western Nigerian state of Kaduna say at least 16 people have been killed and an unspecified number of others abducted during multiple attacks by gunmen on several villages.

The attacks happened on Monday and the early hours of Tuesday as communities in the region continue to suffer raids by criminal gangs.

Residents and the authorities in Kaduna say some of the victims were shot dead, while others were reportedly hacked during the raids on the areas of Giwa, Zangon-Kataf, Igabi and Kajuru.

A traditional leader and his son were among those killed.

The village head of Albasu - where at least 11 people were shot dead - told the BBC that the security forces did not come to their aid during the attack that lasted for hours.

It is not yet clear how many villagers have been abducted.

Criminal gangs frequently carry out deadly attacks on communities and kidnap people for ransom in several states in north-western Nigeria. In recent weeks the security situation seems to be deteriorating once again - despite the presence of thousands of troops in the region.


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