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1. All posts MUST be in English and English. If you post anything in a language other than English, you must also post English translation right after the original text and you must translate everything you posted in that other language. If you believe we should open a section for a different language, let the administrator know. If enough members request a particular language, it will be done.

2. Do NOT spam the board. Any member who posts spam in the very first message will be banned permanently and without warning. Any member who does the same thing but later will first receive a warning. Administrators have the discretion to decide what spam is on this board.

3. Please choose the right section for your post. Do not post off-topic content

4. Treat others with respect!

5. Do not insult or threaten other members. Violators of this rule will be removed from the board without any warning and, in extreme cases, reported to the authorities.

6. Do not post any content which is illegal inappropriate for public forums. That includes, among others, pornography and pirated software

7. Do not post adverts without gaining prior approval from the management of this board. That includes adverts in posts, adverts in signatures and misleading web links (misleading link is the link which appears to lead to one page while it actually leads to the other)

8. Do NOT post your personal info. That includes your home address, ATM card number and pin, your phone number etc. Administrators of this board will never ask for such information and for any reason. Do not send such information even in private messages unless you already personally know the recipient of such message. If you ignore this rule, board management does not take any responsibility for any unauthorised withdrawal or other criminal act made against you.

9. Do not use this board to promote any illegal activity. That includes the piracy of copyrighted content, pornography, child pornography, terrorism, money laundering, Ponzi schemes etc. management of this board reserves the right to expand this list in the future. Management of this board is required by law to report any such activity and will do so, specially in case of terrorism and child pornography.

10. Do not post false or fake information

11. Do not violate privacy of other people (members of this board and anybody else) by posting their private information, photos etc.

12. Do not spam the forum by posting the same content over and over again in the same or different sections of the forum.

11. If you get banned from the forum, take it as an adult. Creating new account will waste both our time and yours because you will soon be banned again.

12. Do not use this board as your personal advertisement platform. Repeated violation of this rule attracts permanent ban from the board. only advertisement approved by the board management is allowed.

13. While on this board, do not commit any act which you don't wish to be committed against you. You wanting something to be done against you is still not welcome if it violates any other rule of this board.

14. Respect the work of others. Do not copy other people's posts and post as yours. if you copy an article from another site, you MUST state the source either at the beginning or at the end by posting the link to the original site.

The management of this board reserves the right to expand this list without any prior notice.