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Lady Dragged on Facebook Over Debt

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Lady Dragged on Facebook Over Debt

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A lady named Olivia has been dtagged on facebook by a business woman who solicited the help of group members on RantHQ extention to help her plead with said Olivia to pay up the debt owed for years. Om thr group she shared proof of debt and their previous convo. Olivia judging from the chats submitted had decided not to pay up because she was expecting the debt of over #130k to be written off because the crefitor reported her to her boyfriend which annoyed her and spured her decision to never pah her debt.
Screenshot_20210306-154452~2.png (1.41 MiB) Viewed 15959 times
Screenshot_20210306-154505~2.png (1.55 MiB) Viewed 15959 times
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